LARM2016 offer the companies three separate opportunities to network with the students at the Institute of Technology at Linköpings University: pre-LARM, LARM and post-LARM.

pre-LARM consists of the two weeks before the day of the actual fair where the companies are given the opportunity to give presentations, have events and other activities, like cases or workshops, to prepare and inspire the students for the fair on the 9th of February. Your company is also welcome to come up with your own ideas to distinguish yourself further towards the students.

The fair takes place on the 9th of February. You as a company have now the opportunity to meet over 7500 future engineers who study at the Institute of Technology at Linköpings University.

post-LARM offers the companies an opportunity to follow up the contacts that was made during the fair. We will together with LinTek Corporate Relations gladly help you to create an event that will fit your company!